Khemet III

The Ruby Prince


Ruby Prince Khemet III, also known as the Forthbringer, is the current ruler of the nation of Osirion. More politically savvy than his father, Khemet’s rule has seen a continuation of the prosperity brought about by his grandfather, Khemet I. Although rumored to be middle aged, the prince still appears youthful, a result, some speculate, of the legendary sun orchid elixir, rumored to grant the imbiber eternal youth. A powerful summoner, the Ruby Prince has made many contracts with beings from each of the elemental planes, as well as with infernal and celestial allies – pacts which ensure Osirion’s independence and independent agency.

Recently, Khemet III has authorized the opening of many tombs in Osirion, granting the right of exploration and plunder to adventurers from across Golarion via lottery. His logic is that while the dead do indeed require their treasures for the journey to the afterlife, they are not needed after that point, and should be brought back into Osirian society to stimulate the economy. This action has been unpopular with many traditionalists, most notably the church of Pharasma, who eventually acquiesced in return for the right to some amount of control in which the exploration is conducted.


Khemet III

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