The Blue Roses

Blue_Roses.jpg The quaint Blue Roses were initially created as a hedge knight order by Siobhan Montrose as a means to gather individuals to her banner to confront the Father of all Linnorms, Fafnheir. Despite her best efforts, the young Montrose’s desperate lack of experience and near suicidal ambitions failed to attract any would-be heroes, sending the eager warrior to wander as a knight-errant in search of anyone willing to rally to her cause.

Travelling to the south-western shores of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Siobhan encountered the brash and idealistic Zahrah, an opportunistic Oracle and merchant’s daughter from the southern country of Osirion. Originally finding her way northward pursuing adventure and excitement, she reluctantly joined the last daughter of House Montrose in her honor crusade, seeing her as invaluable muscle, and hopefully as an aid to help her find her missing brothers. The Oracle would eventually come to be known officially as Siobhan’s personal advisor, even if the hard-headed Fighter scarcely heeded her judgment.

Zahrah, fraught with worry about whether her brothers still lived, discovered word through her contacts that slavers had kidnapped her brothers and were seen docked in Osirion. Knowing that she would risk the slavers disappearing seemingly into the ether if she did not act quickly, she began to probe Siobhan with questions, specifically how would she be able to equip and feed an army on a mercenary’s wage. Conceding that she had little understanding of the financials of fielding an army, Zahrah implanted the idea of traveling to Osirion, filling the Fighter’s head with tales of golden tombs and priceless relics. Seizing the opportunity, Siobhan agreed to change her course to the deserts south of the Inner Sea in search of wealth and treasure hordes.

Traveling by merchant ship, the duo discovered that the Ruby Prince of Osirion, Khemet III, declared the ancient tombs of long buried pharaohs open for plunder for registered free companies, all to revitalize the dwindling economy of the desert cities, placing them again at the center of Golarion trade and commerce. Siobhan flared with delight at their luck, Zahrah worrying through feigned smiles that this may prove too much a distraction in rescuing her kin. Regardless of their intention, the two continued to Osirion.

Eventually, the Blue Roses arrived at the docks of the capital, Sothis, ready to begin their excursions into the crypts of the dead kings of Osirion. Unbeknownst to the Roses, a young Keleshite Rogue by the name of Mahsa had just escaped the claustrophobic confines of Sphinxside, ready to make a name for herself as a master of her own brand of thiefcraft. Spying the duo as they docked into port, Mahsa planned a snatch-and-grab of one of Zahrah’s jeweled sashes. Before the two had the chance to even move through customs, the spritely thief leapt into action, bolted with a ribbon of fine satin and ruby.

Without hesitation, Siobhan and Zahrah tore after the would-be cutpurse, hurdling over the customs barrier and through the crowded alleyways of the Sothis port. Hearing the disturbance, the sole lion-guard of the Eyes of Sothis, Hunapo, converged on The Roses and Mahsa on his trusted lioness Cersei. The petty thief was captured, but much to the chagrin of the duo, they too were arrested, under the charge of illegally passing into the borders of Osirion.

Placed in a holding cell, the three awaited their sentencing, Zahrah muttering curses at the ridiculousness of the situation. Overhearing her ranting, Hunapo discovered the ambitions of the Roses, and how Siobhan intends to cut a path to glory and riches. Seeing the opportunity to relieve himself from the confines of the city guard and put into play his own machinations of domination, Hunapo offered the Roses a chance to be freed from the prison. His plan, utilizing a series of loopholes in Sothis law seeing the company placed into his custody and be seen to sentencing in their homeland would allow the group to be on their way, under the condition that Hunapo receives a hefty portion of their plunder. Agreeing through gritted teeth, the Roses were set free, but not before Mahsa pledged her fealty to Siobhan and the Order of the Blue Rose and House Montrose, a cunning move to see her placed under the company’s banner and, more importantly, out of her cell. Not one to refuse help, especially to her cause to slay the dragon Fafnheir, Siobhan begrudgingly accepted the burgeoning rogue’s oath.

The Roses, then doubled in number (and in criminal charges) proceeded south to the Necropolis of Wati, where their first chance at riches awaited them.

The Blue Roses

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